This time I would like to share how complete should a Mezcal / Tequila Advisory has to be and also how to identify or differentiate an incomplete one.

It is not that you really need a Master or “maestro” every time, that is true so let´s identify specific issues with this spirits.

1.- Organoleptic and sensations about your product; as color, texture, flavor and aroma, a guy that taste for a living could help you identifying what´s wrong. I´m not talking about a different profile situation of your drink but of a real problem with it, like gasoline flavor, excessive bitterness or spiciness, a bad aroma, etc. Even a tasting panel could work for this.

But then ask: How to fix it? After you identify this go to your producer or to your distillery and you may find many situations:

  • Negation. You could receive an answer as “I don´t think so” or “it is too low to be identified”, etc.
  • “I´ll fix it”. Ok but how? is this taster really advising you if what they are telling to fix it is correct? and does he has the background as to defend your point and product?

You should be aware that not all distilleries make good tequila and mezcal, and that not all distilleries are capable of fix a problem of this nature. Some of them, will only do what they do the way they do it.

2.- Consistency as the same product every time. This is hard, really hard to obtain, a really good distillery shall be able to do it. The problem here is when your product is different every time, could be good all times (in this situation I doubt it), but it definitely shouldn´t be that different because your clients relay on this consistency, to degustate what they like (maybe your predominant characteristic) or to prepare the cocktails with consistency, it is a very similar situation as the one before, you need somebody who can react on time also.

A persona that can profile your drink could be a good option but this person must be able to identify what is coming from the profiling process and what is natural from the tequila elaboration process. So, you should ask: Can you identify what comes from the process and what comes from the “avocating” process?

3.- Quality, by quality it means chemical structure, the final chemical structure can say a lot from your tequila or mezcal, you do need an expert on this subject, a Chemistry preferently but if not a person who can debate the analysis that is issued every time a bottling happens, If for example your tequila gives like a headache instantly is bad inside.

At our next post, I will continue with: Process and then with Oportunity, RM managment, Price of the tequila.




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