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Tequila industry, alambiques


We supervise the results and development of all your business in the Tequila Industry, we report directly from Jalisco region all the information you need to know, Financially, Operations, Managing, Production, Commercial, Quality, Logistics, Taxes and represent you immediately in any matter.


Top Executives

Don´t need to hire managers or contract people that doesn´t know the complete business not even to manage a distillery, we area capable of doing so, we have the people and the local knowledge. We can also hire the correct person at the correct retribution. We are Top level executives with more than 12 years of experience in this specific industry.


Risk Management

Minimize your risk along the way, from buying tequila or agave, the construction and installation of a new distillery, the management of your suppliers or getting the desired profile for your market. We know how things work in here and we will protect you and guide you in the correct direction.


Detailed Services

From agave grow to retail, we master every process of the Tequila Industry and deliver the best results because we know where to look, what to do and how to deal with any coming situation. This beverage is our Passion.

casks-barels-tequila-advisorsServices and Fees

Our services include all that a CFO, COO, CPO, COO, Administrative Officer and a Compliance Officer can do in the Tequila Industry:

Financial: Planning, bank account management and payments, accounting, taxes, financial books, budget application and elaboration, audits, prices and costs management, expenses optimization, investments, maquila program, certifications.

Operations: Proccesses, supplier development, materials development and quality control, production planning, internal logistics, logistics (exportation), materials acquisitions planning, inventories control, design.

Administrative: Elaborate, coordinate and apply policies, optimization of human resources, material resources and services that contribute to the business. payroll and HR, human development, talent acquisition and talent management, vigilance, permits and authorities management.

Production: Agave fields management, agave acquisition, maintenance of facilities, production planning, production of Tequila, Tequila profiles, yeast profiles, Bottling, CRT.

Commercial: IT, marketing, e-commerce, product design, media design, social resources, customer services, sales team leader, sales team management, capacitation.

Representation: Monitoring suppliers, monitoring of quality, monitoring of tequila profile, monitoring of buildings, machinery and constructions, representation with your customers, monitoring of consultants, any kind of representation needed and granted, legal representation through our external legal firm.


Tequila-Industry-master- tasting

Guarantee your quality

At Tequila Advisors, you will have someone in site to guarantee the quality and the deals that you agree. We will provide also opportune information that can save you a lot of concerns and money.


We do take care of everything included on detailed services. We are clear enough and sure enough that our services will be a huge benefit for you, that have no issue on showing our fees:

Inside Jalisco we have only two monthly  fees:

  • The highland region: $ 1,850 usd
  • The Valley region: $ 1,550 usd

If you need also to include building supervision or managing a distillery, we will supply the qualified management staff at our own costs:

  • The highland region: $ 3,600 usd
  • The Valley region: $ 3,300 usd

If you need us to have a contract by hour:

  • $ 40 usd per hour

For all cases all our travel expenses inside Jalisco state are included. All costs plus VAT (16%).

Any question?

We really know this business and how to improve your product and management...