I suggest we start defining what it is and why does CRT exists.

The “Consejo Regulador del Tequila“, is in its own words, the organism dedicated to verify and certify the accomplishment of the corresponding NOM. They have also dedicate enormous efforts to “promote the quality, culture and prestige of the national drink by excellence”. We will talk further about this evaluator organism in another time.

This task of verify and certify is conferred at the same Norma Official Mexicana, which was established to protect the consumer and the Origin Denomination.

This official norm, establishes the characteristics and specs that must be met by all members of the industrial and commercial chains of this beverage according to the process detailed at the same official norm. There is also established an evaluator organism to exist and that precisely is a regulatory council of the Tequila, or that it also can be an entity accredited and approved by the law, with the objective of verify the accomplishment of this official norm.

This Organism then issues an official opinion where it is credited that this distillery produces according to the official norm, that opinion will be accompanied by a certificate, this organism also issues another kind of certificates, always with the objective of protecting the Official Norm and to minimize the risks of this norm to be unfulfilled, for example when any kind of tequila is to be exported it must be accompanied by an exportation certificate.

The letters N-O-M with certain proportion and characteristics, including the inferior and superior lines (it means fulfilling with its own Official Norm 106), is also an official distinction  that allows the consumer to verify that the products or services that is acquiring comply with the applicable Official Norms. In this case when a bottle shows the distinction “NOM” is a product that had fulfilled with the Tequila Official Norm.


In the other hand the “Denominacion de Origen” (DO) or Origin Denomination refers to (in a very simple explanation) the use of the “tequila” word, in this case only by a sprit made in a region of México; it is a matter of industrial property, the world then identify this products as a quality one and most of the countries respect and make to respect this DOs, however to get a Origin Denomination, is not just a matter of industrial property, it implies to fulfill many other requisites related to prove the truly origin of this denomination and to be limited to certain region of the planet.

Once the CRT has emitted the official opinion then it is submitted to the corresponding authority, in this case, to the “Dirección General de Normas” or DGN, so this authority can deliver the permits to produce. Since this beverage has also a DO, is necessary after the steps already mentioned, to submit a form to the IMPI requesting the use of the “Denominación de Origén del Tequila” or DOT.

After getting the number of authorization by the DGN and also the number to use the DOT from the IMPI, we need to get back with the Consejo Regulador, this council will issue the authorizer producer registry number that will help to control and follow the productions, bottling, etc. This Council will also ask by condition for the use of your producer registry number to place a distinctive “password” for your product that includes the “CRT” letters framed (that is actually a Trade mark), however, this characteristics are not part of any Offical Norm. You will also have to sign an agreement with the “Consejo Regulador” that will allow to receive the services of certification, validation, etc. in exchange always of a fee.

So, It all comes to:…, have you hear the expression: What´s your NOM? or Which is your NOM?, well, the correct answer is the “Tequila” one.

As you can see after the above explanation we can conclude that the NOM XXXX CRT, is formed by three parts: a) The certificate of the NOM, b) the authorized producer registry number, and c) the certificate of the CRT (its trade mark).

It is then incredible to myself that between so much promotion and diffusion of the culture, a so basic but important idea has grow that much in a mistake. Even huge websites used as a reference, even apps, even our Council (WHAAAT?), all of them based in the erroneous idea of looking a tequila by its NOM… we should be referring brands as for it RPA (registro de productor autorizado) or APR (authorized producer registry).

Some may say this is a minimum issue, but just because they doesn´t want to admit how ignorant they are, how opportunistic they result, trying to sell themselves as “Maestros tequileros” when they don´t even know the difference. Going to Mexico and knowing tasting, doesn´t make you a tequila master.

Years and years of a wrong idea diffusion.

Next time if you read this, you may ask the correct question, What RPA or APR do you have? however sadly they may not understand what you are talking about. So please dear friends help me educating the foreign “Maestros Tequileros” but most important to our “Mexican Maestros Tequileros”

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look at an example:



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